Shape your projects


BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future may be a solution!

Made of eight open-ended target-dated sub-funds, it allows investors to:

– Choose their investment horizon
– Have their money protected1 at maturity date
– Maintain flexibility so cash can be withdrawn at any time2

Each of the eight sub-funds expires at a specific date (ranging from 2018 to 2043) so we simply choose the date that fits in with our plans.

For example, Mrs Jeeves knows her daughter will start university in 2024 so she chooses a sub-fund which expires in 2023 to be sure her money will be available in time.

Similarly, Dr Trummell is planning to retire in 2033. With this plan he will be able to receive his money in three parts (in 2033, 2038 and 2043) so that in the first five years of his retirement, two thirds of his money stays invested.

Mr Smith wants to finance his daughter’s design school in five years.

Mrs Jones wants to buy a holiday house near the beach within 10 years.

Dr Trummell plans to retire in 20 years but wants to ensure he maintains his current lifestyle.

Now, BNPP IP has found a way to help all these people finance their goals.

All of us can foresee major events in our lives that need to be planned for such as our children’s education, buying a home or retiring. By thinking ahead and getting your financial planning in order you too can have an easy future!

If we want to:
•invest at our own pace
•grow our investments over time
•know the minimum amount of money that can definitely be counted on

Then BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future may be a solution!

1. Although money is protected at maturity there is a risk of capital loss corresponding to the difference between the protected NAV and the capital invested.
2. Based on the net asset value of your fund that day which could be inferior to the protected NAV, thus there is a risk of potential loss a priori not measurable.